This has to be done

I read a lot about new innovations and try to be on the lookout for anything that has to do with my home. We are still fairly new to home ownership so we are constantly learning. It took a lot of talking, planning and saving before we even took the leap of faith into purchasing something. The ins and outs that go into becoming homeowners for the first time seemed endless. I never realized there was so much information out there to be had. But, now that we have this investment, I will do everything possible to protect it. One of the first things that we did was install a brand new, state of the art, heating and cooling system. W live in an area that has many extremes when it comes to the weather.  If you don’t have a properly functioning HVAC unit, you will no doubt be annoyed beyond belief. We went with a basic unit at first. We talked with the HVAC professional and knew that we could upgrade the system later on if we chose to do so. I truly wanted some of the newer HVAC gadgets, however, we wanted to first see how the basic HVAC unit handled the first year in the house. Overall it performed well. But, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to install a radiant floor system once we could afford it. This system heats the home in an even and very efficient manner that would save us a fortune over the course of the season. In fact, I have read that it could pay for itself in a manner of a few years.

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