This environment is great

When my kid gave me a portable air conditioner for Mother’s Day, I was certain she had wasted her currency.  I doubted I would ever use it. Because of the extreme weather in the my area, I’m forced to rely on the heating plan for approximately several months per year.  When the outside temperature finally warms up, I’m typically distraught to open the windows. After having the apartment sealed tight and residing with the same stale air throughout the winter, I look forward to enjoying some fresh air.  Although the summers tend to be rather sizzling and humid, the season is brief. I had typically managed by running a few box fans. My kid installed the air conditioner in my kitchen window. She had it in place, restrained in and operational within a few hours.  I was surprised by how abruptly such a compact air conditioner cooled the space. The air conditioner is really the best gift I’ve ever received. It is programmable, so I have it set to start up shortly before I respectfully head to bed at night. By the time I crawl under the covers, the kitchen is perfectly cool.  I no longer hear the neighbor’s dog barking, traffic driving by or birds tweeting, and I sleep so much better. With the windows shut, I feel safer and avoid exhaust fumes, pollen and bugs. Plus, the air conditioner actively filters the air, trapping dust and other contaminants. My kitchen stays much cleaner and is actually healthier.  I operate the air conditioner from a cordless remote, which is super convenient. If I need to make any adjustments while in the night, there is no need to get up out of bed. I simply tap a button the remote to determine fan speed, temperature, mode and even humidity levels.

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