This duct system won’t do

So, my two cousins and I decided to go into business together this past year. We’ve owned the new business for about ten months.  The idea of working for a chemical business struck me as interesting in my high school chemistry class. It did not take me a few semesters to learn about the weird chemicals and how humans or animals cam react to them. I found myself completely overcome by this line of work. I went on to experience  some more college courses on entomology and chemistry after high school. Once I finished my internship, I was ready to start my business with my cousin. We now have a thriving company that is able to staff at least a dozen folks! Recently, one of the ten trucks that we have for the business had begun to have some AC issues. My crew has warned me several times, but now the the summer temperatures on the rise, it was urgent. At last week’s staff meeting many people rose their concerns and I knew it needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.So, I thought I would surprise the team by getting fixed over the weekend. That way, it would be ready for work on Monday morning! Everyone was happy to see it was fixed, but they were stunned to hear I bought a brand new truck to add to the fleet! This meant hiring two additional staffers to the company. Our small company is still growing, me and my cousin could not be happier with the progress.