This drain needs to be cleared

When I was in college, I rented a room from this adorable old lady. She was lonely, real sweet and basically mothered me. The rent was real cheap and the place was nice. I honestly would have stayed living with her past college if it was not for the heating. Since she was older, her circulation was not as good. So the little old lady would crank her heating on the highest setting it would go. Her home would be around 85 degrees all year. What made it worse was that I lived in her attic technically. All the heated air would then rise and get into my room. In the Winter I swear my whole room would be 100 degrees. I spent most the Winter walking around in my underwear with all of my windows open. In the Summer I had to purchase multiple window air conditioners. Every window in my space had an air conditioner unit. Even with all of that cooling, it still did not combat the heat. I am pretty sure the lady got free gas too. So why would she not run the gas furnace as high as it would go? No old person should ever have that deal either. The weather outside never really mattered much. No matter the season, if it was 50 or 80, or if it was humid, the heating system would be on. It was like giving a little kid a whole bucket a candy. Why would they ration it at all? While I liked my low rent and my landlord, the heating eventually got to me.