This does not look good

My husband simply loves winter!  He enjoys snowmobiling, ice fishing, and even curling.  I on the other hand prefer to be curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and good book until the spring thaw. For this reason, whenever we have a winter storm coming, I hunker down and try to ride it out. My husband gases up the snowmobile and waits excitedly until it is deep enough to ride. We have totally different emotions when it comes to snowstorms. I sit and envision days without power and a heat source and he gets as excited as a schoolboy waiting for his first big game. I think some of the feelings I have stem from the winter we had about three years ago.  We were hit with a freak snow that accumulated over six feet of snow and we lost power for ten full days. If not for the woodstove we would have frozen to death and we had to turn of the water lines to keep the pipes from breaking. We spent hours on end shoveling just to reach the road and had to sleep on the living room floor near the stove. Ever since that time the snow makes me very nervous. My husband says I have some sort of Post Traumatic Syndrome and I think he may be right. My anxiety goes through the roof every time I even hear the word snow in the forecast. I really hope that one day I get over this fear or maybe we will relocate farther south where we don’t have to deal with the threat anymore. I don’t even care if my husband travels back to the area for a yearly snowmobiling trip with his buddies if we do.

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