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I feel that one of the most important movements has been the civil rights movement. For people to be treated unfairly and different just because of being a different skin color is outrageous to me. I know the struggle still goes on to this day so it’s important to have these discussions, and to set a good example and be good to one another. One way that I am good to other people is through my job. I am an HVAC technician and I enjoy helping people out everyday with their heating and cooling systems. I may not be out there giving speeches and motivating countless people, but I certainly am putting smiles on people’s faces when I fix their heating and cooling systems! I really enjoy meeting so many people of all different backgrounds though, and I am truly thankful that we live in a place that recognizes that everyone should be treated equally and fairly. I feel like it would be especially difficult living in those times when there was slavery in this country, and they didn’t even have heating and cooling technology! I simply cannot imagine going through such a time. Even if I lived in times without heating and cooling technology and equal treatment, I would certainly try my best to make a difference in the world, even if I had to die for it. I feel it’s important that we raise our children to be smart and good to their neighbors. This is probably the best way to ensure that our children have wonderful futures and ultimately the human race will thrive in this world.

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