This building is nice and toasty

I have absolutely been stressed of late and decided to take a few days off to refresh my mind.  During this, I went to a meditation center to take some classes… I absolutely enjoyed them but wondered how well I would be able to apply the techniques to our everyday life.  According to our instructor, several minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress and help you remain more focused throughout the day. As a corporate executive I never seem to have any time to relax so if this whole several minute thing works, it would be great! They said that I should sit in a quiet location with natural light, close my eyes, and think of a warm and sunny locale.  Did I mention that I live in a frozen tundra for several weeks out of the year. Things were going pretty nice and I absolutely felt it was going great, that is until yesterday. I was just starting to envision myself on a warm and sunny park when I realized that it was certainly really warm in our house. I was finding it harder and harder to relax because I was covered in sweat. I became evident that there was a complication with our HVAC system.  The house was getting uncomfortable and I had to shut the furnace off completely and call the HVAC dealer. They made an appointment for later that day. I was grateful that they had an available so early. Being mentally in a warmer locale for relaxation is 1 thing; being physically overheated is another.

indoor comfort