This beach is gorgeous

Our neighbors, Sue and Doreen, are the nicest people.  They are the type of people anyone would want living next door.  They always seem to maintain their property, are polite and friendly, and keep to themselves for the most part.   We occasionally will have them over for coffee on the weekend and such but that is about it. No one like neighbors that are constantly nosing about so we were very comfortable with life in our neighborhood.  That is, until they put their house up for sale. They were relocating for Sue’s job and we were happy for them but nervous about who would buy the place. What if they were the type of people who constantly wanted to visit, or worse, the type who complained about our lifestyle all the time. At any rate, they sold the house and within a week, the new owners had contractors all over the place. There was a big dumpster in the backyard and we listened to banging and sawing all day lone. They were having a completely new HVAC  system put in that involved the installation of new ductwork, a big outdoor unit, and some sort of exhaust thing on the roof. We live in an area where we have fairly moderate temperatures so I wasn’t sure why they needed all of that. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I headed over to “introduce” myself and ask about all the construction. The new owners seem nice enough and apologized for the noise. They said that they loved everything about the house except for the old HVAC system. The wife has terrible allergies so the new system was designed to keep the house dust free and the large  air purifier on the roof would suck out any allergens too. My curiosity was satisfied and I headed back home.

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