This anniversary was amazing

Last year for our tenth anniversary, my partner I went to a lovely national park out in the middle of nowhere out west. We both wanted to be alone and have no interruptions. Both of us barely had cell service most of the time; the area we were in was extremely remote. Both of us had chosen to rent a small log lodge close to the outskirts of the park and we were so happy about getting back to nature and spending a quiet couple of weeks with each other! When we arrived at the lodge on our anniversary, it was the end of October and we were experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. However, after we had been there for a couple of days, the weather hastily turned cooler and we were really cold after the sun went down! Only then did we realize that we didn’t even know what type of heating unit the lodge was equipped with. We hadn’t even thought to ask the building owners since it had been so warm outside when we got there! Then after it turned so cold, we had no cell service so we couldn’t ask them over the phone. We looked everywhere for a gas or oil furnace, an electric furnace, a heating pump, a kerosene heater, or even some kind of an old timey wood burning stove. But we couldn’t find anything of the sort. Then we observed a huge stack of firewood outside the back door. However, it was then that we figured out that we had no way to heat the lodge except with old fashioned firewood! Thank goodness for the wood burning fireplace! It ended up being romantic, once we finally got the fire going.

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