This air duct is clean

My wife and I have our own pest control company. We’ve owned the company for about six years now. I started working for a pest control service, when I was fresh out of high school. It didn’t take long to learn about the different chemicals and the way bugs react to them. I found myself completely intrigued by the career. I took a few college courses on entomology and chemistry. After being in the business for ten years, I was finally able to branch out on my own. My wife and I have a small business that employs six additional people. My pest control company has three service vehicles. One of the trucks has had an A/C problem for months. My crew has complained about the A/C all spring, and now we are getting closer to the summer temperatures. When we had our last weekly meeting, several of the employees voiced their opinions. I knew it was time to service the A/C, and I had already planned on taking care of the problem. I was going to surprise the guys by fixing the A/C, but I had to tell them the service was planned for the following Saturday. Everyone was happy to hear that news, and that was the last complaint I heard about the A/C. I also told them that we would be purchasing one brand new truck to add to our fleet. This meant hiring two additional employees. Our small company is still growing, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the progress.