This air conditioner does need work

Every one of my friends and I detest the seasonal summer time, because we spend our entire paychecks on the cooling component bills. Everyone that I spend time with and myself use the cooling component in our three-bedroom Ranch for more than a few days at a time. This summer seasonal temperatures in our neck of the woods, tend to be much warmer than any of the areas around here. Maybe it’s because our three-bedroom Ranch happens to be in the desert region, or maybe it’s because we don’t see a lot of rain. Either way, everyone of us rely on our cooling component to handle the hot and humid summer temperatures. My friends and I spend almost $500 every single month to run our cooling component, and it seems to be getting entirely higher every single year. There have been more than a few people talk to us about changing out our cooling component to something that is more energy efficient, but there’s no way the two of us can even begin to think about that at this time. Spending $500 monthly on our heating and cooling bills, means never being able to save a single dollar for the near future. Even if a new cooling component would help with these problems, there’s absolutely no way that everyone that I spend my time with and myself could afford the extravagant cooling component.I wish that we knew one way to help with the indoor air quality inside of our three bedroom ranch. It would help us live better and be happier.

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