Thinking about the future

So, I married a do-it-yourself type of guy.  He was always interested in repairing anything that seemed to be broken or would break in the next day or so.  He was a tinkerer looking to modify or better something even if it really didn’t need it. I could tell he was on the hunt to fix or upgrade something as he strolled through the house listening to every piece of equipment that we had.  He would start in the laundry room. He would check to see if the dryer was drying the clothes adequately. The kitchen was the next stop. Once he was sure that the fridge and freezer was humming just right he moved on. Today the HVAC system was on his list.  This was our first home so he was downright excited to make sure that our heating and air conditioner system had all the maintenance and preventive care that it needed to run efficiently. I knew that this equipment was new for him since we had previously lived in apartments.  But I became concerned when he began to do an internet search on how to perform maintenance on our particular heating and cooling system. It began innocently enough. He checked the air ducts for mold, mildew or debris build up. It seem, from what he reported to me, that the previously owners had done a great job with keeping the HVAC system dust free.  But he didn’t stop there. At first, I saw a few screws on the floor then a fastener or two. So he could tackle the HVAC system in peace, I decided to run some errands. Upon my return, as I went into the kitchen, I saw a new addition to our refrigerator. It was a magnet with the number to a local heating and air repair company.

HVAC unit