Things look a bit miserable

My birthday typically falls around Father’s Day, so my kids normally throw me a large party. There is a local county park not too far from our house that everyone meets at. It’s a nice area with a large public swimming pool and huge playground for the littler kids. This year’s party was actually larger than usual, as my son was getting married the week after. It was a good opportunity to have a lot of folks together to celebrate my birthday, my son’s engagement and Father’s Day all at the same time. When the day of the party came, the temperature was around 80 degrees so we got ready for the party. There was a nice comfortable breeze blowing that helped cool us off. By lunchtime, the temperature had climbed to almost 90 degrees and the humidity was unbearable. The people at the party were starting to look miserable. I was getting overheated and the humidity was getting to me. We were under one of the pavilions there, so the shade really helped but the humidity was still awful and we were all covered in sweat. I knew that I wasn’t going to last in this heat, as I was already getting flush. I decided to go sit the car and cool off in the air conditioning. I was starting to cool down after a few minutes and saw that my wife was heading over. She climbed in to the seat next to me and we enjoyed the A/C together. The kids noticed we weren’t there and came looking for us. When they got closer to the car, we got out and headed back to the party.

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