Things go wrong in the bathroom

When my girlfriend and I started dating, I led her to believe that I was a handy person. When she bought a house, I assured her that I would be able to help fix any problem that came. Unfortunately, she took my word for that. She wanted to remodel the master bedroom and bathroom, and she enlisted my help. I had to pretend that I was knowledgeable, in order to keep up the charade. We started by removing all of the bathroom appliances. We removed the toilet, shower, and even the double sink. When it came time to demolish the bathroom wall, I used a giant Sledgehammer to create the first hole. I didn’t realize there was duct work behind the wall. As soon as I hit the metal ductwork with the sledgehammer, it made a very loud vibrating sound. I knew there was trouble, and my girlfriend’s eyes were large and bright. When I removed the pieces of drywall, I saw a huge dent in the ductwork. There was no way for the air to travel through the ductwork, so we had to call a professional heating and air conditioning company. They came out to survey the damage, and asked if we had a permit to complete the bathroom work. My girlfriend and I didn’t realize we needed a permit to fix the bathroom. The heating and air conditioning company fixed the ductwork, and gave us a few tips on our construction project.They definitely recommended that we leave the load bearing wall alone, and focus on a different project.

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