Things are changing

I have been trying to do some changes in mylife.  I really want to make some positives that will help to even out the negatives that I have created.  I am also trying to do new things and experience different areas in my life. The first thing was how I would up working in a doctor’s office.  I took a job as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. I was hoping this would help me to expand my comfort job, and it did, to a degree. I literally mean to a degree, because there were no comfort zones as far as the temperature in the office was concerned.  They kept the office so cold that I could not get comfortable. Maybe if I were rushing around like the doctors and the nurses, I would be okay. I was sitting at a desk all day, and just greeting patients. This meant that I was getting my blood moving, and I was always cold.  I tried to sneak over and turn the thermostat up a little, but someone usually noticed. It didn’t matter what time of year it was, they would have the thermostat set at sixty-two. I think they even turned the HVAC system off, when there was a warmer day in the winter. I think about the people in the exam room, sitting there with their paper gowns on and the air vents blowing directly on their nearly naked bodies, and I shiver for them.  I sure hope they have a good reason for keeping the thermostat so low, because I sure can’t think of one.