They were not current

Me and our wifey had went on a small trip the other week, however and both of us had a easily great time, then though I have to tell you that the hotel both of us stayed at was a bit odd, however it was pretty costly to begin with, and although the hotel itself was nice, they were not current with their HVAC equipment! Here you have this overpriced hotel, and they did not have a central HVAC system! They didn’t have anything however window air conditioning units for the air conditioning and then they had some industrial sized heating system to heat the hotel.

I was thrilled that when both of us decided to go it was the right time of the year where no heating or air conditioning was needed, but otherwise I am not sure if the set up they had would have heated and cooled the site as it should have been! For a big hotel you should have some kind of commercial HVAC system… Heating and air conditioning is a must in any hotel.

And when they do not have typical HVAC in a hotel that charges what this 1 did, it kind of makes you not want to be there. After the trip was done out of being curious I looked online at various reviews of the hotel. And surprisingly no 1 even talked about the HVAC system being old in the site! I was easily surprised about this! Maybe the HVAC methods they are using easily work.


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