They tried to scam me in the mail

The other day when I opened up my mail, I received a letter that said I won $100,000! Immediately, I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do with the money.

I already owned a nice home, so I wanted to do some renovations to make it a whole lot nicer. I wanted to invest in radiant heated floors with a fancy smart thermostat. I knew with an improved HVAC system like that, I would certainly save a lot of money on the energy bills. I couldn’t honestly couldn’t believe the situation with winning this money and then I was thinking I didn’t actually enter into any sweepstakes or any type of money contest. I wasn’t sure if this was legit or not so I reached out to the place that said I won the money. I kept getting a hold of these recordings that said I had to do so many things to retrieve my winnings. It seemed like a huge run around and then eventually I searched up the company on the internet. What I found was entirely disappointing. Everybody was talking about their experience with this scam, and how it was nothing but a fraud. I guess I should have known, I had a bad feeling about it after I thought about how I didn’t enter into any official contests. It would be great if I played the lotto and won or entered into an official contest, but there was nothing like that. I really hate the fact that people actually scam people in such a way, it’s such a shameful act. Here I was thinking about getting a nice HVAC system upgrade and numerous renovations, and now I realize I won’t be able to afford any of those things!


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