They are tough to follow

I know everyone has their own idea about what makes a fun, family friendly, successful holiday, and I have my own. For me, it’s heat. Having grown up in the northern Midwest, I am no stranger to the difficulties of winter. Every year was marked with brutally frigid air temperatures that dipped well below zero degrees at night. The windchill was so significant that it would lower the ambient temperature feel by over 30 degrees at times. Huge storm systems blew through the area on a weekly basis, covering the earth in brutally difficult and beautiful white powder. The whole thing was really quite an experience, and it lasted for nearly half the year at a time. That’s why I consider proper heating and a warm, fuzzy feeling to be the best Christmas gift of all time. I remember so many desperate winters spent huddled up in blankets, bracing against the chilly drafts all around me and shivering under the mound of useless layers. As an adult, I never want to relive those chilly mornings and nights, so I always make sure that my furnace is in tip top shape. I don’t roll the dice on low quality indoor air temperature control, so I keep the HVAC technician on speed dial year-round. Every time I sense an error with our furnace, I run to the phone and dial up the best ventilation expert I know. I may have an obsession with properly heating my home throughout the winter, it’s true. Last time the HVAC technician came out, he actually chided me for spending so much money on my central heating upkeep.

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