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My mom is a dog groomer and she rents her shop from a local business owner.  He used to use the building my mom rents as his place of business but as his business grew he needed a larger space, so he built a new location and held onto the original building.  He didn’t do much with the building my mom rents, he mostly used it for storage. He never did any of the much needed upgrades such a plumbing repairs, drafty windows, leaking roof, and even the heating system was neglected.  After my mom started renting from him she started to pay for a lot of the repairs and upgrades that were needed. She updated the interior of the building, she paid to have the plumbing repaired, and she covered the costs of having the roof repaired.  However, when it came down to the heating system that was just not something she could afford to repair or replace. She has asked the owner many times if they could share the costs and he down right refuses because he insists the heating system works great.  Her shop uses an old boiler system that was installed in the building in the 1950s. The owner of the building has not upgraded the system once, and he doesn’t even remember the last time he had the heating system serviced! During the winter when my is at the shop she mostly has to rely on space heaters to keep the building warm.  The heater in the waiting room works rather well considering its age, however the heaters in all the other rooms are dead. This makes for some very chilly work days, so my mom had to purchase 9 different portable space heaters just to keep the building comfortable. I find that inexcusable.

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