These seasons are intense

Olivia and I were driving over to the grocery store the other day, when Olivia and I were involved in a minor traffic crash. The grocery store is on the other side of town, so Olivia and I have to spend about many moments in traffic. It was a usual Wednesday afternoon, as well as traffic was moving in a quick fashion. I was looking down at my computer, when I heard my sister Olivia yell, however the guy rammed into the back of an outdated subaru pickup truck. It was stopped right in the heart of the road. In side of the truck, was another larger business vehicle. This huge truck had gotten a slashed tire, while trying to join lanes. This caused the truck to skid directly into the rail. During the whole thing, the truck also took out 3 additional cars. The truck was carrying a load of containers, as well as they smashed all over the road. There must have been more than 400 tiny containers scattered on the road. Olivia and I were all waiting for the emergency response team to come around, so I got out of the vehicle to look around. All of the big containers had control units. The company vehicle was an Heating as well as A/C corporation, who was carrying a load of tools. Among the containers, Olivia and I found some control units undamaged. Some control units were completely wrecked. It was going to be a huge mess to wash around.

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