These plumbing problems are strange

My wife and I live in the northeastern area of the country, and so we generally have long, rough winters. Still, when the spring thaw sets in, everything seems like it turns to mucky mud. And right now, my backyard is a large mud pit. I am thinking about having mud wrestling competitions back there if it doesn’t improve pretty soon! Actually, right now the two of us are super concerned about the mud situation because it has started to affect our plumbing. We have a sump pump in our basement, and quite frankly, it’s been a constant source of problems for us. Even though we did recently have a plumber come out to install a different plumbing system, the sump pump is still getting all clogged up with mud! That causes a lot of problems in our basement plumbing! The pipes get all backed up from the mud, first of all. Then the sump pump stops working completely, which causes the main plumbing drain downstairs to fill with water and flood our basement repeatedly. Recently, this has been happening every single time it rains. All of the snow melt is not helping matters at all! Yesterday, after I saw the wet carpet in the basement yet again, I immediately called the plumber to come back over to see if he could figure out a solution for us. Basement issues and exterior plumbing are just not home repairs that my wife and I are prepared to deal with anymore. I also don’t think the two of us are prepared to deal with the cost of emergency plumbing service. But periodically as a homeowner, you just have to do what you must do.