These people are bothering me

When I got back from a business trip last week, the air conditioning was broke in my place. My partner said she had called the HVAC workers to come and repair it as well as get a fresh, new and up-to-date air cleaner purifier. She said I certainly was whining, just like a little kid. I just let all that slide because I was just glad to have this modern air purification system inside of my home… All I would need now was a smart thermostat! When I went around the corner and seen there was a modern smart thermostat already installed, that’s when she said, “Oh by the way I had a smart thermostat installed as well.” I was happy! I asked his how much did it cost to have all this done and she showed me. I was relieved that she got a good deal on everything. I wanted all these things done, sure, despite the fact that I didn’t want to break the bank either! She was explaining that the smart thermostat itself should save us a good deal of cash and it would give us suggestions on how to save cash with using our Heating and Air Conditioning system. It sounded fine to me, despite the fact that I already knew a thing or 2 about smart thermostats. This was all wonderful!