These leaves are pesky

When my amazing husband plus I first moved into this home, the people I was with and I were the most happy about the backyard; It was spacious, the grass was brightree, and there was an appealing oak tree that shaded the back of the house.

Prior to this, we were living in a tiny studio house with no yard, so you can imagine how happy we seemed to be! Our first summer time came plus went in the modern house, and I’ll be real with you, it was a lot more taxing than I thought.

I was now responsible for mowing the grass plus pulling weeds, which was splitting into my free time on the weekends. I was eager for fall to arrive, due to the fact that I thought there would be less grass to mow, but however, nowadays I am needing to take care of the leaves that come from the oak tree! They fall everywhere, plus they’re so hard to scrub up and throw away. I don’t even know where all these leaves keep coming from, due to the fact that I’ve raked our yard at least three times now! Not only do I have to rake the leaves, but I also have to stress out about them clogging the outdoor unit for our Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I’m not sure how, but the leaves keep getting stuck in the sides, which makes our Heating & Air Conditioning plan run slower plus less efficiently. I have no idea just know this was going to be an issue, until the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist told me it would cause a single if I didn’t continue to keep a firm eye on it. Instead of cleaning it out every weekend, I bought a slip cover to go over the outside of the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. So far in this process, this has been finally working much better!


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