These filters are awesome

It looked like we might actually be able to have lunch with our friends, now that the weather has changed.  We have all been practically hibernating in our homes and we were looking forward to seeing everyone. We got a string of sunny days and my husband was finally able to get out the BBQ.  He cleaned it all up, substituted a burner, plus had everything ready to go! Up until the night before, it was beautiful outside. Then, overnight, it came back! I was so disappointed when I woke up to snow everywhere. Not only did it ruin our plans, but we were forced to turn the heater back on.  Our system had been running non-stop for so long plus we have paying for it. All I wanted was to open the windows and turn everything off. Fresh air would really make me feel so much better, I get annoyed when I am cooped up with the heater running the whole time.Even though out HVAC system filters out harmful allergens and odors, it is not the same as fresh air. I only hope that everyone gets at least a few months of mild weather before we are sent back inside with the air conditioning  running. When you live in this section of the world, extreme cold and extreme hot weather conditions are expected but we do get some mild times of year, they are just not very often.

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