These energy bills are stacking up

I have the best renting situation in the world, I lucked out by renting the upstairs floor of this little old man’s house. He absolutely does need the money as well as wanting company, and my rent is dirt cheap. It turns out all I do is have to pay for is water, electric as well as HVAC related expense. We have our own separate bathrooms as well as HVAC units. The silly thing is though, I don’t even need to run my heating or AC equipment. This is because, In the Summer, the man runs his AC so much that I can even get its cool air upstairs. Also, he is lonely as well and he wants company. So I chill in the entryway, get a free lunch as well as enjoy his AC. The man gets his company while I get spoiled. So it works out for both of us. Similarly, in winter, the amount of heating he pumps out is nearly too much, because heat rises, so that warm air produced by his heating system is overwhelming. The downstairs is kept around 73 degrees, and I swear my floor gets up to 90 degrees. I leave the windows open up there as well and I still just about sweat to death every night. So without any heating or AC needs, I only have to pay for the little bit of electricity plus water I use. The old man is such a sweetheart and plus, I live right next to my business. Occasionally, in order to save even more money, I just ride my bicycle to work. I guess you could say I am efficient as well as smart with my expenses. I suppose I will live with this guy another year because of how awesome it is going.

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