These days are getting hot

My kids are constantly arguing. It gets unbelievably annoying at times, but I understand that’s how kids can be, especially when you have three of them! With several young boys that never seem to get along, I have a hard time believing that they really love each other. Each of them has their own room now, as it would be nearly impossible for them to live in the same room like they used to. See, our previous apartment only had two bedrooms, so they grew up in a single tiny spare bedroom. I do believe that had an effect on them, as they’ve fought over anything and everything from all the friction between them. These days they argue over just about anything, but the most intense fights are always over the heating and cooling system temperature. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Each of them has their own preferences, and none of them will compromise! My youngest child constantly wants it to be nice and hot, while my oldest child prefers it to be chilled down in the house. Lastly, the middle child prefers to have the middle ground. I don’t understand how I was able to create such vastly different individuals, but it beats having triplets like my brother did – his kids all want the same thing, and it’s always the opposite of what he and his wife want! Once my kids grow older, they will be much more mature and understand the delicate nature of compromise (I hope). Until then, I might have to look into some alternatives or solutions to their fights. I might have to install thermostats in each of their rooms so they all have their own temperatures as they want. Maybe instead, I’ll give a space heater, a box fan and a small portable air conditioner to them and let them fight over who gets what!

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