These cracks are an issue

My hubby and I have lived in our house for nearly twenty years.  The heating and cooling plan was already installed when the people I was with and I bought the house, and the device was not new at the time.  We’ve been fortunate that the furnace and air conditioning have been quite reliable over the years. I’m sure that keeping up with annual professional maintenance and air filter changes has promoted smooth operation.  Unfortunately, the furnace now needs to be updated. Over the last couple of years, I’ve observed a steady increase in the weekly utility bills. The furnace is absolutely putting out less air and running for much longer cycles.  On especially freezing evenings, it can no longer keep up with demand. While I hate to spend the money on a new furnace and deal with the whole replacement process, I am upset to have the new heating plan up and running. I took the option to research numerous makes and models, and decided to spend a bit more to take advantage of some innovative features.  The furnace I chose achieves a 98% AFUE rating, which will significantly reduce running costs. It has the capability of increasing capacity between 40 and 100% percent, allowing it to operate at lower speeds for longer cycles. This not only optimizes efficiency, but reduces sound levels and temperature swings. The current furnace is also protected by advanced safety features, more effectively filters indoor air, and really helps with humidification.  The furnace is tied up to be installed at the start of next week, and I’m super excited. This year, I’ll really be looking forward to the freezing Wintertide weather.

HVAC tune-up