These are the moves I have to make

I love enjoying my fireplace with my husband, especially during the winter season.  why we haven’t had a kid together just yet, we still enjoy having company over for the holidays. There’s nothing like curling up with everybody around the fireplace to relax and talk and drink hot cocoa. Of course, the fireplace is not our only source of heat in the house. We also have a gas boiler;  which actually provides the vast majority of our heating needs. However, when the temperature drops well below freezing, or we’re planning on having relatives or friends over that day, we will make sure to have the fireplace ready to burn with kindling and logs so it burns evenly and starts generating that precious heat. However, a fireplace is’t something you want to be careless with. You need to take care of your fireplace to make sure it doesn’t end up burning down your home. An accidental fire can happen more easily than you may want to think, and all it takes is a bit of buildup for it to surprise you. That’s why my husband and I have both our fireplace and gas boiler professionally attended to during the same month each and every year. In doing so, the HVAC contractor cleans and services both sources of heat and replaces any broken parts so that they are ready to go for the winter. Once the proper maintenance has been completed, we rest easy knowing all forms of heating in our home are perfectly tuned up and ready to keep us warm in the winter months.