Thermostat goes up as body temperature dips

The other afternoon I started to notice that I wasn’t feeling so hot.

Well, in fact, I was feeling the exact opposite. I woke up in the morning as well as felt a bit shaky as well as weird. I had a hard time getting out of bed as well as my whole body was stiff. I didn’t think too much of it, because I had exercised a lot the afternoon before. I thought maybe my body needed to recuperate more from my intensive workout. I went to work as well as didn’t notice anything until about noon; Around lunch time, my body started shaking. I started feeling warm as well as frigid intermittently, as well as began getting upset that I wasn’t doing so great. I tried to finish out the end of the work afternoon, until I almost threw up at my desk. Once the nausea started, I knew that I needed to get myself home… Honestly, I thought that I would be great in a few hours as well as I didn’t need to go to the emergency room with this fever. I felt comfortable at home, as well as I was able to service myself some soup before lying down on the couch. With the convenience of my smart control unit, I was able to adjust the indoor air temperature whenever I started feeling too warm or frigid from my fever. I camped out on the couch as well as expected to wake up feeling 100% better. I genuinely was already improving greatly. When my friend asked if they could come over as well as check on me, I told them it wasn’t even necessary. They stopped by anyways, as well as quickly dashed any plan I had about actually being better. When I told them I felt care about my fever had stabilized as well as I was doing great, they asked myself and others how warm the control unit was set. Together, the people I was with and I opened my smart control unit app as well as saw that I had adjusted the air temperature settings up to 90 degrees without noticing a thing. I think I wasn’t feeling better after all.


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