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I enjoy the cool afternoons plus crisp air of Fall. To be honest, I entirely enjoy every season of the year except for Spring. Springtime used to be my favorite time of the year because of the start of new life plus all of the excitement that Springtime brings! My love for Spring stopped when my spouse and I moved way up North to live near his parents. The Springs in the North can be described in a single word “crazy.” One morning it’s roasting plus you know summer time is close, however the next morning, it’s snowing. My terrible apartment can’t take all the temperature changes. The furnace is on for three afternoons then the air conditioning system is on for a week then back to the furnace; It seems like a silly unending cycle… Not only are the temperatures wacked, however the heavy amounts of rain make everything muddy and damp. I have to run my dehumidifier 24/7 during the Springtime in order to keep the floors from getting damp and slippery. My spouse decided that instead of having to turn the furnace on so often during the Spring months, we should use small electric furnaces in our entryway plus just dress warm during. We tried that for a week, and by the end of that week, he turned the furnace back on. It amazes me how the temperature can go from the upper thirties to the eighties and back down again all in a single week. I know it’s simply a part of life for us, but I wish we could find a way to keep the apartment at the right temperature without having to switch between the furnace and air conditioning system all Spring long.

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