There’s no need to settle

My brother told myself and others that he had found a casegoods sale, and asked if I wanted to go to it and check out the deals. Casegoods? I had no idea what that was, so I was expecting to go to a store with cases of products sold by the case. I walked into a furniture store, actually. I just stopped and looked around, wondering – why I was at a furniture store for casegoods? Well, it was communicated to me that casegoods referenced the furniture used for storage that was on sale. That makes a lot more sense than cases of random foodstuffs! I did see some gorgeous dressers that I had been looking for, and the price was pretty reasonable for what was included. I wanted to buy the dresser, the matching bookcase and even the book table. Then I saw the bookends, and I couldn’t believe what I had found. A five piece set, perfectly matched?! Unheard of! I had been working on building an office in our home, and I needed a place to store all of my books, and all of my husband’s paperwork that he’s collected over the years. They were perfect for our new office, so I hastily checked out my finances to make sure I could swing the purchase. I knew I could afford all parts, but after I spied some other things that I liked, I began to think I couldn’t buy everything I wanted. I am a sucker for sweet deals, much to the chagrin of my wife. I could see these side tables next to our desk, and being able to hide copy paper plus small notepads in the drawers. When we got home, my wife took a single look at the truck, and we didn’t have to tell her what was mine. She just sighed, and wished me luck with getting everyting in the house.