There’s cracks in the foundation

Growing up in Las Vegas one gets used to all the bright lights and constant commotion of millions of tourists dropping the children’s college money on long-shot hopes and dreams. It’s a culture that prides itself on going strong for days on end with no sleep or rest. Just a constant redlining of the human body until they’re left broke, and on a plane back to Iowa to explain to their partner where junior’s nest egg went. As I said, I grew up here and have grown quite weary of seeing this sad tale play out time and again. It’s been a goal of mine to leave this crazy place, and I have finally gotten that opportunity. I found a job in a nice little suburb in California that I think will be perfect for me. I even lined up a house to buy out there so I don’t have to mess around with apartments and landlords. Now the only thing I have to do is sell my current house, but it hasn’t been easy. I had an inspector come in to give his appraisal of everything, and there are some definite problems that need to be addressed. I have some cracks in the foundation and high levels of radon gas which is not very cool. Radon gas is undetectable to humans and can cause lung cancer over extended periods of time. Luckily I haven’t lived here for more than two years and the place was devoid of radon when I moved in. This is just one of many issues I need to address.

radon mitigation