There’s an issue with this furnace

I wonder if I should turn my cooling system off while I’m not at home.  My Mom regularly left the AC on when I was a kid. However, now that I’m in my own apartment, I’d appreciate to use my cooling system only in the most efficient, energy-saving manner that is possible.  I leased my new apartment only a few weeks ago, and I went through a relatively moderate Winter season season. I didn’t even have to put the gas furnace on too much. However, because I did use our heater, I could sure tell a week later, when I received the utility bill.  Now that Summer is heating up, I’m not looking forward to overusing my cooling system, sinc I’m paying for the electric bill and not my Mom. I’m curious to know whether I should turn off the cooling system altogether before I leave for work in the afternoon. Or just like my Mom, should I keep the cooling system on?  So I consulted the website of a few heating and AC companies and the consensus from them is to leave the cooling system on while I’m not home. I should instead turn the cooling system up to a higher temperature at the climate control unit, so that the cooling system doesn’t come on as much. The heating and AC companies suppose that if the cooling system user comes home to a much hotter apartment and then turns the AC back on, that it will take longer to cool the house.  So if the heating and AC suppliers advise that I should keep the cooling system on, I will.

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