There’s a real struggle that comes with forgetting to change the air filter

You know, some of us just can’t bring ourselves to remember even the simplest of tasks.

I can remember a homework assignment I did for my tenth grade english class, but I can’t remember what flavor ice cream my wife asked for at the supermarket.

It’s that kind of trivial stuff that drives me nuts, simply because I can’t remember it! I can usually make up for losing track of these small requests on the “honey do” list, but this recent mistake will be paid for in the years to come. See, I was in my garage when I noticed that there was an empty box for an air filter sitting near my trash bin. I didn’t think anything of it at first, so I just walked out of the garage to my car to go to work. As I drove to work, I couldn’t help but think that air filter box was important – but I couldn’t remember why! All day at work, I debated calling my wife to ask about the box, but I kept deciding not to call since I didn’t want her to think I was stupid. I lost track of time, and the end of the day called for me to head home. It wasn’t until I pulled into the garage that I realized why the air filter box was out! We had replaced the air filter over a year ago, and my wife used the old box to remind me that I needed to change the air filter again. Without hesitation, I pulled right out of the garage and went straight to the hardware store. I’m lucky my A/C system still works as it should!


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