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My family plus I are really close. Every one of us spend every birthday plus holiday together, not to mention every one of us have a big celebration at least once a month just to all hangout plus have brunch. When I moved out of the state, it was a big deal for everybody in the family, because I wasn’t going to be around for obvious things such as all holidays, birthdays, etc. With that being said, my family was gleeful about my move because they live in the northeast, plus I was moving down south. This meant that I was going to be the most visited out of state family member, because I had the year round great weather! So as of now, I have been living away from my family for just over a year plus they’ve come to visit many times, and my Grandparents, of course mother, plus even 1 of my closest cousins! My cousin isn’t 1 for the beach – so I was surprised when he wanted to come visit, he is a creature of habit as well. So, while him plus my mother were going to see, every one of us made the decision to go to the beach twice in a row; by day several, he was so incredibly thankful for central air being in my apartment! I have never seen somebody so thrilled over keeping my lake house at 65 degrees! Every one of us were cold, however he felt so triumphant! My mother plus I spent the rest of our time together at the pool, plus my cousin didn’t leave my perfectly air conditioned lake house for the rest of the week! He never realized how much he loved having a central air plan because going to see me, now he says it is a must when he finally gets his own stadium!