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When I was in college, I played in a rock band to make extra money. It was fun, and it was something I absolutely loved doing. However, we were consistently struggling with finding a site to rehearse. We attempted to use friend’s garage, however we got too noisy and so there were complaints from the neighbors. After that, we moved over to a dilapidated building that someone provided for us, however the concern there was that there wasn’t a cooling system in the building. On warm days, we could barely get through an hour of practice without having to quit because of the heat. We all longed for better weather conditions and a temperature controlled site that we could use to get through our rock n roll sets a couple of times. Finally, we found a local company that allowed us to use one of their warehouses to practice in after hours. All of us were all so excited to have found this place because it was air conditioned, and it had plenty of space for us! From then on out, we felt just like royalty because we could adjust the thermostat to whatever temperature we wanted it! I felt that all the practice helped us to play much better, and we even started booking better locations. Yep, we had a pretty good run, and I really think that it had everything to do with have an air conditioned space to practice in. Those were the days! If I could go back and relive that whole experience, I would do it. It sure beat having to work as a server or doing manual work just so I could have some extra spending money. I had a good college job.