There was no ductwork upstairs in our house

My husband and two sons just spent about twenty hours installing duct work throughout the upstairs of our house.

We have a very old house, and although it is nice, it is hard to heat.

The heat from downstairs rises of course, but it just was not warm enough without heat blowing directly into the bedrooms upstairs. We didn’t really use the upstairs much until this year, so it didn’t affect us until now. We didn’t really care that the upstairs was cold during the wintertime. We just didn’t go up there unless we were doing something, and if we did need to go up there, we would bring a space heater. The upstairs is much warmer now, and that is so nice. I actually find myself using that space now. I moved my little office, that I had in the corner of the kitchen, upstairs. It is nice and warm in my office, and I find myself falling asleep at times. I am not sure that was is the best place for me to put my office, but it is so warm that it would make a great place to have a family room or another bedroom. Since we got heat up there, both of our sons have been begging us to move their rooms upstairs. They said that their rooms now are not nearly as warm as it is upstairs. We have not decided if they are going to be moved up there or not, but I am glad that they enjoy having heat upstairs as well. I am thinking about moving my husband’s and my bedroom up there.

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