There really is nowhere like home

As an HVAC workman, I have to do work on a/cs in the hot season and gas heating systems in the cooler times. Not all of our jobs get to be indoors. As a matter of fact, a lot of times I am working on servicing a/c components that are located outside a home. This means that I have to be in the yard for a large period of the day. The other day it was 99 degrees outside and I had more than a few service calls in a straight hour line to fix a/cs. The first few calls went real good. I was outside for only near 30 min each call. I even managed to repair the cooling system, get my cash and then go away from the house at a good hour. Yeah, I was perspiring quite a bit, but I didn’t absolutely recognize the after cause of it, however my following call, but, was absolutely different. I had a real hard time thinking about the a/c component. It was 2 in the afternoon at that point – the warmest time of the afternoon. The sunshine was blaring down on me as I worked, and after 45 minutes of being in that hot sunshine, I realized how sizzling and sweaty I was getting. However,  by then it was too late, I started to get sort of loopy and dizzy. My heart rate began to get real fast. I could tell I was about to fall to the pavement. I walked real easily to our car and switched on the a/c. I grabbed 3 bottles of water and got rid of the sweat from my sweaty face using a dish rag.

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