There are two appliances in one here

We bought an older house in the city and we needed to make some upgrades. As it was, there was already radiators in each room and a large boiler in the basement. The biggest problem was that the boiler was nearly 40 years old and needed to be replaced. Neither of us were looking forward to such a large expense and when we started assessing the other appliances we knew there was going to be other upgrades needed as well. Because of the construction of the home there was no air conditioning but that was okay because we live in an area where we have very short Summers. We did however I also need to replace the hot water tank because it was leaking when we purchased the home.  We contacted a professional HVAC dealer to find out what options would work best for us. We were pleased to find out that they handled both boilers and hot water tanks, but they also sold a system that would take care of both areas. It was a combination unit that was supply on demand hot water for household use as well as heating the house. We had heard of tankless water heaters before but never knew that there was a combination unit that could be utilized for both of these requirements. Not only is this unit much smaller than having the two appliances but it is much more fuel efficient as well. The cost involved in purchasing and installing it are slightly higher however, we will be able to recoup the money spent over time as we will be saving on utility bills. I am very glad we contacted the professional to get their expert advice on this installation.

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