There are some quirks here

I thought living apart from my boyfriend could be the most difficult part of our relationship and if the people I was with and I could overcome all that, he and I could get through just about anything.  When he and I first started dating the people I was with and I were long distance, and it was nearly impossible to get any time together just as us 2. I still lived at home with my parents, so when he came up to visit we were consistently monitored by my sweet parents. I don’t think they were so horribly suffocating on purpose.  I just guess they genuinely loved him and wanted to be with him just as much as I did. Then every one of us knew that he and I had to get a locale together as soon as he was able to get a job in town. A short 8 months later, he found a good job in the area so he and I found a good apartment, but turns out the very most difficult area of our relationship is accepting the dynamics of living with your significant other and being good with their quirks.  But for example, our thermostat is a constant point of needless bickering, and that was during the Summer weeks. Now that Wintertide is now hitting I am anticipating a whole new bunch of temperature negotiations. At my parent’s I was able to turn the temperature up to 72 degrees in order to be keep comfortable. Dan now says a furnace should keep us comfortable at 67 degrees in the winter. To myself and others means he and I might as well accept the fact we are going to die of frostbite in a few short weeks as the temperature honestly drops. And no, I am not just being overly dramatic. I am easily particular with my heating and cooling settings and this is just 1 of my quirks which he is going to have to understand because I will not even budge on this 1 thing.  But he can have that Yankees poster in the bedroom. For now.

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