There are some minor concerns

I adore to travel.  I have visited fourteen bizarre countries and thirty several bizarre cities.  I adore to immerse myself in bizarre cultures and explore new locales. I have had some genuinely amazing experiences, met some beautiful people, and made lovely memories.  On the other hand though, not every city was a pleasant experience. One of the toughest trips I went on was to a northern country. This country has the coldest climate and the most dire Winter weather.  I wasn’t sad about the weather when I was planning the trip. I was undoubtedly genuinely excited because I respectfully visit countries in warmer climates. I should have done more research and prepared better.  I stayed for several days in a small hostel. On our first night, I realized that I was in for a taxing time. My room was so cold. I felt prefer I was laying outside. I didn’t know they heated the building at all.  I called the building manager and she told myself and others that guests are responsible for bringing their own space heaters. She told myself and others this was laid out in detail on their website. I felt so stupid because I respectfully complete thorough research on where I am staying.  I suffered through that first night and barely slept a few hours. The next day, I went out in search of a space heater. It took myself and others a few hours and several stores to find one. The following night, I slept a bit better. The space oil furnace kept myself and others comfortable, however it was nothing prefer the heating plan I have at home.  Regardless, I tried to push past the weather conditions and prefer this trip. Above all else, it was a wonderful learning experience.

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