The winter is not my time

So my little sister had been begging me to take her to this event for weeks now. It flaunted a compilation of her number one celebrities, and it was in the middle of summertime so she was not going to miss any school. I finally gave in, since her birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something nice for her. However, the day of the event we got up early so we could be first in line. The two of us didn’t worry much about the heat since we thought we’d be inside the event in no time. Well, time went by and we were still waiting in line. While the temperature was bearable early in the day, it was starting to sizzle very abruptly, and my sister was starting to feel dehydrated. The two of us would have done anything to be able to get inside the site and relax in the lobby with fresh air conditioning. By the time we have moved up enough in line that we were almost in, we were lucky that we could catch some of the air conditioning from the lobby through the door to cool us off a little. When we entirely got in, I felt like collapsing on a chair because the heat really made me feel weak. However, the air conditioning in the building felt superb.  Suddenly, it didn’t matter that we had been waiting in the sunshine for so long. Once I felt the air conditioning, I instantly felt better! My sister had a nice time at her event, I just wish they could’ve gotten us into the locale quicker so that we could have savored the air conditioning.

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