The winter chill and heating

One of the problems with the area every one of us live in, is the Wintertide winds.  The winds can get so wild, that you hear the cracking of the trees, even from inside.  We live in the mountains plus any time you hear that crack, you are already preparing for needing to go without energy.  When every one of us don’t have power, every one of us don’t have heating. We bought a wood burning stove plus had it installed into our kitchen.  I sincerely liked it for the looks, plus not even for the use of it. I just wanted to be moderate if the power went off again. That came around all too soon.  We had a generator that normally turned on, so every one of us didn’t go without heat. This time, the generator didn’t turn on, plus every one of us didn’t have lights or heating when every one of us woke up.  It was so nice to be able to go into the kitchen plus get the wood burner finally working. I was surprised at how efficiently the wood burner worked. The heating made its way all the way back the hallway plus into the kitchens.  This year, when Wintertide came around, every one of us started the wood burner immediately. We thought it would just make a enjoyable addition to the gas furnace plus make our gas furnace more efficient while saving on our fuel bills.  It not only saved our gas furnace from finally working so hard, however it saved us more than fifty percent on our monthly bills plus on our heating fuel costs. The wood burner is more than decoration, it is our main source of heating, now.  

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