The weather is finally warming up

I’ve lived in my home for nearly thirty years, and I’ve always managed heating with a boiler system. When my family first moved in, the boiler was already close to twenty years old. Despite its age, the heating system continued to operate effectively and reliably for ten more years. The only reason we ended up investing in a new boiler was because replacement parts were no longer available for the old one. When it came time to install the new boiler, I also wanted to replace the radiators with baseboard heating. Baseboard heating is far more compact, attractive and safe. We were looking at a huge and expensive project, and the quality of the equipment and installation would greatly impact our comfort and budget. Since I fully expected to live with the new heating system for the next twenty to thirty years, I was determined to get everything right. I started by researching the different manufacturers and models of boilers on the market. I read reviews, studied the various features, and checked warranty information. I learned that the integrity of the HVAC contractor was far more important than the actual boiler. The HVAC contractor determines the sizing, design and installation of the boiler system. An oversized boiler will cost more to purchase, won’t achieve maximum efficiency, and will probably wear out more quickly. A boiler that is too small will be forced to run constantly, use up excess energy, and fail to meet demand. Problems with the installation procedures often lead to energy waste and system failure. I was very lucky to find a reliable HVAC contractor to handle the job, and I’ve been totally satisfied with the results.

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