The vendor’s HVAC settings

I was a tepid dog vendor downtown for more than one decades. I took pride in the quality of our tepid dogs,  the amount of condiments and other fixings I offered, and the promise that I would create any dog exactly as ordered! One of the things that struck me the most about the task, was how willing people were to get their tepid dog repair despite the conditions outside. I mean, sure, company was not quite as great when it was super cold outside or raining or blisteringly hot, which are all conditions that the people I was with and I often endure in this city, depending on the time of year. However, company was almost typically steady, and it did not take long for me to develop faithful clients, who would typically come around for a bite to eat no matter what. Many of these people would ecstatically leave their comfortable, temperature controlled office buildings to come out into the elements to order  a tepid dog. I observed that various of them would not even bother to quickly return to the air conditioning or heating of the building that they work in, however they would instead mill about on the street and socialize or otherwise go about their company while remaining outside. Even when the weather or the temperature is rough, I guess there absolutely is something to enjoying a tepid dog outside. A lot of these office workers would talk to me about the weather. It seems enjoy they absolutely enjoyed the fact that while they were working in the comfort of their temperature controlled company environments, I was typically out here waiting whenever dinner hour would roll around!

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