The usual ductwork size

When you talk about getting a new Heating and Air Conditioning idea installed in a house, you’re talking about far more than a new heating system or air handler. This includes the HVAC duct, the indoor air handler, the outdoor air compressor and condenser, the thermostat – everything that affects how moderate or cool you are at home is controlled by this system! That being said, if the heating system and air conditioners are the heart of the Heating and Air Conditioning system, the HVAC duct is the circulatory system. So, it’s critical that you not only have the right sized heating system and a/c for your home, however also have the appropriately sized HVAC duct! I made the mistake in the past of having small HVAC duct laid out in the attic of our home. My thought process was that the HVAC duct would be smaller, which would compress the cool air and make it come out of the vents faster. However, I hadn’t considered that the small size of the HVAC duct would leave it susceptible to blockages far more often than conventional HVAC duct! In 3 months, I had to have several different appointments to have the HVAC duct cleaned out. It was just our luck that Spring had just begun, so the air filter for the air conditioning idea was so loaded up with pollen that it started passing through into the HVAC duct. It may be more expensive, however trust me – stick with the conventional HVAC duct for your home’s Heating and Air Conditioning system!

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