The two of us kept looking at each other

The Christmas buying season is certainly a crucial time of the year for parents. It’s absolutely necessary to find the best deals for each product, so that each of the children can have and absolutely nice Christmas that is full of their favorite items. For the two of us, that means braving the cold and long lines on Brown Wednesday. Brown Wednesday is a madhouse around here, so the two of us try very hard not to go out. A few years ago, my daughter was into Barbies and wanted the latest and greatest victorian-style house. The two of us absolutely looked around, and found a specific house that was going to be on a huge sale for brown Wednesday. The two of us lingered in freezing temperatures for half the day, while we waited for the Supercenter to open its doors. The outdoor hot and cold temperatures were just a few degrees above freezing, and a lot of people decided to leave early. When the toy store doors gate open, the two of us anticipated a warm atmosphere. The furnace had not been working, and there was a person holding up a large poster board. The poster board stated the furnace does not work. That’s all the poster said. The two of us looked at each other, and went inside anyways. Since the furnace was not putting out heat, the two of us rushed around to get the Barbie Victorian style house. We didn’t bother to do much other shopping, because the furnace was not helping the cold room.

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