The truck got a flat tire

My brother Evan plus I were driving over to the post office last month, when every one of us were involved in a small traffic jam. The post office is on the other side of town, so Evan and I have to spend about several hours in the jam. It was a typical Monday morning, plus traffic was driving in a steady fashion. I was looking down at our phone, when I heard my brother yell; Evan rammed into the back of an ancient ford pickup truck. It was stopped right in the middle of the road. In the beginning of the truck, was another larger corporation vehicle. This kind of truck had gotten a flat tire, while trying to get into a new lane. This caused the truck to go to the right into the guardrail, but during the whole plan, the truck also took out several other cars. The truck was carrying a load of bins, plus they smashed all over the road too. There must have been several hundred small bins scattered on the highway. Evan and I were all waiting for the emergency team to came to the jam, so I got out of the automobile to look around; All of the tiny boxes had temperature control units. The corporation truck was an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier, who was carrying a truck load of supplies. Among the bins, every one of us found some thermostats not damaged. Some thermostats were completely ruined. It was going to be a big pile of crap to pick up.

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