The trials of teaching

When everyone told me about the trials of teaching growing up, I didn’t think my wardrobe would be one of them. I don’t mind dressing up for work, though I always prefer to be a lot more casual, but this is just getting absolutely ridiculous. Last month, I began working as a teacher for the local high school, substituting for teachers who had taken extra time off for the holidays. I need to work hard to impress both the students and the other teachers, as these are the people who could make or break my ability to work at a local school full time. But this is getting increasingly hard to do with every new assignment, because I simply cannot dress in order to keep myself comfortable. This public high school is an old sprawling building, and the HVAC system must be older than me. As a result, there are no HVAC zone controls in the school at all. I’ve taught in classrooms all throughout the building, and I have not seen a single thermostat anywhere. From what I can tell, the building’s HVAC is just set to one temperature and works to accomplish that throughout the complex. But depending on where the classroom is in the building, some rooms will naturally be warmer or cooler than others. For the full time staff, its annoying but you get used to it, as they teach in the same room every day. But for me, all the shuffling is making my job that much harder. One day it’s a sauna, the next I’m in an icebox.

HVAC worker