The transition from indoors to outdoors in the summer is crazy in the south

About four generations back, my entire family immigrated here from Scotland.

Roughly 90% of our family chose to stay up north upon arrival, while my great-great grandfather and his brother chose to raise their families in the deep south.

As the rest of the family slowly rooted itself in the northeast, my part of the family enjoyed several generations of life in the sunshine. I was lucky to grow up within a five minute drive to the ocean and have spent much of my life running along the shores and swimming in the water. Even though I have lived down here my entire life, I still haven’t managed to fully accept the raising highs during summer heatwaves. It can get absolutely brutal outdoors at any time between 10 am and sundown. Because of the unbearable temperatures down here, most of us run our air conditioners hard during the summer months. Part of the constant air conditioner use is to simply keep the indoor humidity at a comfortable level, which can’t be accomplished with simple box fans. On the flip side, when you run your air conditioner at a particularly low temperature, the transition as you walk outdoors towards your car is outrageous. It’s particularly bad if I have been shopping in the grocery store for close to an hour and push my cart through the sliding doors into the midsummer blaze. Maybe I won’t ever grow accustomed to the worst heat waves the deep south can throw at me, but I’ll make that compromise if it means avoiding temperatures as low as twenty below zero where my cousins live in the north.

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